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HongKong JedinChip Electronics Limited established in 2022, is a leading electronic component distributor in Asia. It is authorized to distribute products from more than 1000 leading manufacturers. The product lines include various kinds of electronic component parts
Now, you can find more than 5,000,000 different electronic components from our online mall, including Sensors,Connectors,Embedded Solutions,Passive Components , Resistors and Capacitors and so on. All of products that you can directly order or quote on our online platform , We help you find the best parts your needs.
Our Strengths
Guaranteed Quality
JedinChip  cooperate with more than 1,000 suppliers around the world, engineers will ensure that all products are 100% original and brand new. Our experienced customer service and well trained team can offer professional help JedinChip is your ideal one-stop purchasing site for all electronic components needs.
Intelligent Digital Platform
Users have access to substantial support on JedinChip.com. We provides a vast inventory and multiple options to customize products. Most products are listed with in-depth specifications, Additionally, after placing an order, customers have access to order status, customization details, account preferences, and live support.
Worry-Free Service
Our warehouse system ensures products will be available quickly with several methods of delivery. We support next day shipping and the use of a personal shipping account. And also provides a personal account manager, and 24/7 email service to each customer.
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